Testosterone For Sale

Anyone that has spent even just a little bit of time in the bodybuilding, athletic, or fitness communities understands just how important testosterone is for improving athletic abilities, for building lean muscle mass, and for dramatically increasing strength and speed.

Testosterone is also critical or repairing and recovering after injury, for flooding your body with biochemicals that help you feel more energized and more confident, and for generally pushing back against Father Time to look and feel much younger.

For a myriad of different reasons it isn’t all that difficult to find testosterone for sale if you are interested in supplementing the amount that your body naturally produces, a production that slows down over time and gets worse and worse with each passing year.

Now, different kinds of testosterone are available for purchase today (in a variety of different delivery mechanisms) which can make finding the right option for your specific needs a bit of a challenge. It’s not that there are so few legitimate and legal options to pick and choose from, but that there are so many – crowding the market and making your decision a little bit more difficult than it probably has to be.

Combine that with a black market (especially in the United States where the use, possession, or sale of testosterone without a valid prescription is 100% illegal) and things can really start to get confusing.

This guide will clear things up for you considerably.


Understanding Testosterone

Testosterone was the very first ever anabolic steroid ever discovered (decades and decades ago) and has been labeled the “Grandfather Steroid” by the performance-enhancing compound industry seemingly forever.

This is the anabolic steroid that every other compound or androgen is a derivative, and analog is derived from, this is really where steroids begin – the genesis of the performance-enhancing compound world, if you will.

This also makes testosterone the most frequently tested, researched, experimented with, and examined steroid on the planet as well.

We understand so much more about the risks, the benefits, and all of the potential uses of testosterone than we do about pretty much any other anabolic steroid or performance-enhancing compound out there. The science on this compound is decades deep, with researchers continuing to dive into everything that testosterone has to offer and may be able to do on a daily basis right now, this very minute.

It certainly doesn’t hurt that testosterone is also naturally manufactured within the body (and within most every other animal, for that matter), making it highly bioavailable, very well tolerated by the body, and allows for fewer risks and downsides than 100% foreign chemical cocktails.

All of this makes testosterone a very exciting option for folks willing to push their bodies to new levels, to build lean muscle mass faster than ever before, to skyrocket strength and endurance, and to generally look, feel, and behave like you are in the prime of your life.

Legal Testosterone Options

The overwhelming majority of people looking to purchase legal testosterone are going to first and foremost live in one of four major Western nations (the US, the UK, Canada, and Australia) – and for the overwhelming majority of these people, the only legal way to get your hands on testosterone will be with a valid prescription from a medical expert.

Thankfully, these prescriptions are easier to get than ever before but the process can still be pretty daunting. It really all depends on the relationship you have with your doctor, any underlying medical conditions, and why you’re looking for this testosterone the first place.

Testosterone is regularly prescribed to those with underlying medical conditions that can involve muscle wasting. Testosterone is regularly prescribed to those living with HIV, AIDS, or those that have cancer or multiple sclerosis.

Buying Illegal Testosterone Online

Of course, with testosterone as popular as it is there are always illegal means to source testosterone if you are willing to go down that road and run those risks.

Underground laboratories produced testosterone more than maybe any other anabolic steroid out there, flooding the market with this option and keeping prices very low while at the same time practically guaranteeing that sourcing it is as effortless as possible for those interested.

You can also purchase testosterone over the internet from legitimate sources overseas, running a small risk as you import this compound but also guaranteeing that it is produced in pharmaceutical grade laboratories, certified to be the compound you are ordering and expecting, and eliminating a lot of the risk that underground laboratories and the traditional local black market involve.

Prices vary wildly, especially when you’re talking about legal sources and illegal sources.

Those with a prescription for legal testosterone may find they only have to pay a few dollars with their health insurance covering the rest, whereas those purchasing illegal sources of testosterone should expect to pay anywhere between $60 and $90 per individual dosage.