Testosterone Enanthate

Testosterone Enanthate Introduction

Testosterone Enanthate is testosterone with the enanthate ester attached to slow the release of active testosterone in the blood. Testosterone is often referred to as the ‘male hormone’ and is what gives men their masculine characteristics.  Testosterone is what gives men larger muscles, strength, body hair, deeper voices and their sexual desire. Testosterone is responsible for muscle growth, weight gain and loss, puberty and many other bodily functions. The testes in men and other mammals produce testosterone endogenously. Testosterone Enanthate the enanthate ester attached to the parent hormone – testosterone. Because testosterone is already present in men, when a steroid user takes Testosterone Enanthate, all they’re doing is elevating their testosterone levels if being used for physique and performance enhancement. Increasing testosterone levels will cause enhanced fat loss, increased weight and muscle gain and added strength, even when the individual is not training at all.

Testosterone Enanthate was developed over 50 years ago as a form of testosterone replacement. The first testosterone-based products on the market were shorter esters, namely Testosterone Propionate and Testosterone Suspension. Enanthate allows for the slow release of testosterone into the blood lasting around 12-14 days. Testosterone Enanthate is an injectable anabolic steroids and not available in tablet or pill form, although there are some oral testosterone preparations available on the market. Testosterone Enanthate is still used today for hormone replacement therapy (HRT) and is one of the most popular testosterone derived steroid used today by bodybuilders and athletes. Most Testosterone Enanthate products come in 250mg per ml amps. Due to enanthats half-life and although its active for 12-14 days, its best used twice per week or every 4-5 days to keep blood levels as stable as possible.


Testosterone Enanthate Doses

Testosterone Enanthate is an excellent introduction to the world of anabolic steroids and is suggested for beginners. Although an injectable androgen, Testosterone Enanthate can be used for a beginner at 250mg every 4-5 days putting their total weekly use just under 500mg per week. Dosages will vary from beginner, intermediate and advanced users, but a form of testosterone should almost always be used as part of an injectable steroid cycle. When anabolic steroids are used, the body will often shut its own testosterone production off, so these needs to be replaced with a testosterone derived steroid. Any testosterone-derived steroid can fit in; Sustanon, Testosterone Cypionate or Testosterone Propionate can all be used as the backbone of the steroid cycle. For more advanced Testosterone Enanthate dosages, 500-750mg per week, split twice per week, is sufficient and other anabolic steroids, such as Winstrol, Anavar and Deca-Durabolin can be added for greater synergy. HRT doses of Testosterone Enanthate are 100-200mg per week, injected twice per week. Testosterone Enanthate is best injected intramuscularly (IM), although more recently small doses can be used subcutaneously for HRT treatment.

Testosterone Enanthate Cycles

As previously said, most injectable steroid cycles will contain a form of testosterone as this is needed for sexual desire, energy, confidence and to avoid side effects, such as erectile dysfunction or symptoms of low testosterone. Oral only cycles do work, but aren’t optimal. An injectable Testosterone Enanthate cycle is a good introduction to anabolics, but even IFBB pro’s use Testosterone Enanthate at various doses in the offseason and during pre-competition. A starter stack would begin with 250mg for 10 weeks at 250mg every 4 days. An intermediate Testosterone Enanthate cycle would consist of 500mg per week of Testosterone Enanthate with a secondary anabolic steroid; such as Deca Durabolin at 400mg per week and perhaps a kick start of Dianabol for the first 4 weeks at 25mg per day. These cycles can add a large amount of muscle mass if done with a diet rich in protein and designed to add mass. A calorie surplus is needed when adding muscle or during a bulking phase. Testosterone Enanthate cycles of more advanced steroid users can contain two or more other steroids, but with more compounds often brings more side effects. Enanthate is along acting ester and Testosteron Enanthate cycles should last no less than 10 weeks.

Testosterone Enanthate Side Effects

Testosterone Enanthate is a testosterone-derived androgen, so you’d expect all the side effects associated with aromatase activity or increased estrogen. Much of the side effects that come with Testosterone Enanthate use may have been experienced during puberty. Acne, aggression, deepening of vocal chords, muscle mass and increased sex drive are all due to elevated levels of testosterone during puberty. If we then increase our total testosterone levels using a form of testosterone 4-5x we may then experience these sides. Testosterone Enanthate side effects can include; gynecomastia, prostate issues, impaired lipid profile, acne, hair loss, hair growth, roid rage and increased blood pressure. Although rare these side effects can be evident in some users. Testosterone Enanthate will also cause the bodies own testosterone to be suppressed which will mean a post cycle therapy (PCT) is needed after the course of androgens.

Buy Testosterone Enanthate

If you’re looking to buy Teestosterone Enanthate and already have a steroid dealer as a contact, you won’t have to look far. Almost all black market suppliers will have some form of testosterone stocked. From short and longer acting compounds most will be available in varied brands. You can usually buy Testosterone Enanthate a handful of ways due to it being illegal to use, posses, sell, import and manufacturer in the United States, making it a prescription only medication. Widely available on the black market, finding Testosterone Enanthate for sale is often not difficult. There is though, a risk when buying Testosterone Enanthate illegally. A large fine or jail time could become a reality, which is why we advise against doing this and obtaining it legally through an HRT clinic.